DanPedMed - Danish Pediatric Research Network

DanPedMed is a unique cooperation between the group of clinical pharmacologists and pediatricians interested in doing research within pediatric medicine across pediatric units in Denmark. The network provide relevant services concerning clinical trials within pediatric medicine.

The clinicians, the industry and the network are working to strengthen the opportunities for implementing more clinical trials in Denmark within pediatric medicine.  DanPedMed cooperates across all public hospitals when it comes to clinical research. The network aims to be a 'single point of entry' for pediatric trials for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry in Denmark. The network seeks to implement initiatives which make it even more attractive for the industry to locate and implement high standard pediatric trials in Denmark. The network will work to simplify the administrative work associated with initiating and conducting  trials for both the sponsor industry and for researchers.
DanPedMed is part of a Nordic group of pediatricians and pharmacologists called http://nordicpedmed.com/

Members of the DanPedMed Steering committee:

Key personnel in the regions

Mandate of reference


See material from the annual meeting in March 2017 below. Save the date for the next annual meeting: March 2nd 2018


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